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Dry-ageing steak cuts

from 30 days up to 60 days & beyond!!

Calling all Steak Connoisseurs!!
In-House Dry Ageing

From March 2022 Just Steak will be introducing its very own Beef Steak “in-house dry ageing” steak cuts from 30 days up to 60 days & beyond!!

Dry ageing is massive in Top end Steakhouses around the world, and now its coming to mold!!

We have invested in a top of the range Himalayan salt Dry-Aged Fridge/Cabinet so our chef’s can take Just Steak to another level.

why dry-ageing?

We start by hand selecting the finest Welsh prime beef, which is then aged to tender perfection for upto 70+ days in our very own humidity-controlled meat Cabinet. Here, it is kept under carefully regulated conditions that are controlled for temperature, humidity and air circulation. Once properly aged, the short loins are butchered in-house by our Chef/Butcher, trimmed and weighed ready for grilling.

Dry ageing beef over time the beef loses moisture

which enhances dramatically the beefy taste & helps make beef steak more tender… The beef forms a crust/bark to seal the meat known as Pellicle..In the first 21 days of dry ageing the beef becomes more tender & the beef flavour starts to enhance - between 21 days to 35 days the natural beef flavour becomes almost nutty, buttery…At 45 days & beyond the beef is at its ‘sweet spot’ intense strong beefy taste, penchant notes, almost funky, blue cheese!! This degree of beef ageing is strictly for the steak Connoisseurs & not for everybody!! to compare… in the cheese world …its the difference say between a mild cheddar to a strong blue cheese in contrast


We will be loading up our fridge with Welsh beef in mid February THEN WE WAIT!! & WAIT & let the Magic Happen!!! …..selling our very first batch of Welsh dry-aged beef steak from the end of March/April, then every week we will be advertising which cuts are available via our facebook page & in house.

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Recent Updates

Covid News

The safety of our guests and team is paramount to us. Over the last few weeks we have worked hard to make our restaurants safe for you and for our staff following government guidance. Here are some of the key changes you can expect when you visit us.


Perfect Present for Family or Friends. We sell gift coins that can be used in the restaurant. You can purchase your’s inside our restaurant.


Come and see our new designed restaurant ready for you and your family, we enjoy serving you and look forward to greeting you upon your next or even your first visit.


Our teams continue to adhere to strict hygiene standards; they have received enhanced hygiene training and are separated according to the rota to minimise contact.


We have also introduced a new Anti-Bacterial contact ‘Mist-Fogger’ machine, which blasts a anti-bacterial mist and kills all bacteria on contact. We Sanitise the whole restaurant & kitchen at the start & end of each shift with this new ‘mist-fogger Machine‘.


For almost every eventuality so you can really enjoy your meal with us. Our teams have the opportunity to use face visors if they choose to. We have introduced bookings only to ensure guests can easily have access to a table & help spread out the guest numbers in the restaurant, Also to comply with the Governments ‘Trace,Track & Protect Strategy’.


Sanitisers for use at the entrance & toilets for guests.
Our tables are now all booths & screen off.
Temperature check all staff at the start of every shift.
Temperature checking guests on entry to the restaurant.
Sanitise and clean surfaces and key hand contact points regularly.
Clean & sanitise toilets every 30 mins.



Absolutely outstanding food and service, thoroughly enjoy every single time I come to just steak.
Jayde-Louise Williams
5 star rating
We’ve been twice in two weeks & will be returning again in a few weeks. Just Steak is our new favourite restaurant. The best steak & staff are great! If you are worried about the current Coronavirus situation then you will feel completely at ease here as the set up is great!
5 star rating
We love this restaurant! They have fed us many times over the years, excellent food, fantastic service and reasonably priced. They have refreshed and re-invented themselves a few times as the business has evolved but the standards they set have been the highest. Thank you Just Steak!
5 star rating