Nearly 4 years ago

In London that I tasted my first Flatiron steak. I was so impressed by the flavour & texture of the cut that when I returned home I started my mission to discover & make those little known, secondary steak cuts available for everyone to enjoy.

During my 6 month beef research

I trained myself to identify and then butcher (with the help of a very talented professional and a friend named: Andy, from Ruthin) these remarkable beef steak cuts.

Some we didn’t have names for !!

Particular cuts from the Chuck & even from the heel proved to be remarkable. Whilst researching steak, my interest discovered the art of BBQ & SMOKING meat. Getting inspiration from the King of BBQ Aaron Franklin of Frankling’s BBQ, Austin, Texas.

This guy is just pure BBQ Gold !!!

His motto is “Low & Slow”.. So I trained myself in the arts of BBQ & imported a wood burning smoker.. I had some disasters at the start, until we got used to the whole smoking “thing”. But after a while (& a lot of weight put on tasting!!!), we perfected the different rubs using a combination of wood flavours and adjusting smoking times…the end results, over time, were truly wonderful and really satisfying.

Nearly 9 months after my research started

I decided to set up a pop-up restaurant called, simply, ‘Just Steak”, (above El Tomate Tapas) wanting to be known for all things Steak & all things Meat/BBQ.

A restaurant dedicated to MEAT in a Meat Town.

3 Years & a Lockdown later we are thankfully back open, doing what we love.. Serving remarkable steak cuts that are exclusive to Just Steak, BBQing our meats on a daily basis and discovering new steak/meat dishes.

This dream of mine would not be possible without the amazing & dedicated team along side me. We have shared the ups & downs along the way and I truly thank you.

We continue our journey together.

Beefy Love, 
Karl Mitchell (Founder)